A Feminist Friendship, As Told Through Images.

Meet Madison. This is my best friend of about four and a half years. Together, we endured high school, and did some pretty kick-ass things along the way. Now, she goes to A&M, and continues to be an inspiration to me and many others (including her mom, the featured “Dolla Billz” in an earlier post, who Madison gets her badassness from). Over the years, we’ve changed and grown together, both becoming better and more “woke” (socially aware) through not only time, but each other as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Madison, I see that a truly great friendship is about more than just laughing and spending time together. Madi has inspired me to be a deeper thinker, a more caring friend, a more passionate feminist, and a generally better person. She has done so many remarkable things: one of which being that she is the officer of marketing at the A&M chapter of The Women’s Bakery, an organization which works to empower and educate women in other parts of the world so that they may begin their own businesses. I highly recommend checking it out, and you can even donate!

You can follow Madi at @MadisonJaco to see some of her adventures, jokes, and musings.


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