A Setback.

My heart is heavy. My heart has been heavy since Tuesday night. My reasoning should go without saying, but I will say it anyway.

The unthinkable happened. The seemingly impossible became reality. The threat to minorities and the screeching halt to progress unfolded before our eyes. Donald Trump became our president-elect.

This bothers me on so many levels for so many reasons. It breaks my heart knowing that the hatred this man has spewed was backed up and supported by half of this nation’s voters. This isn’t to say every Trump voter is racist, homophobic, xenophobic, or sexist. But it is to say that many are. And it is to say that many of his voters are, and do not see that. It hurts my heart to see fathers of daughters potentially jeopardize the progress women have made in this past century by electing a man who is so candidly okay with acts of sexual harassment/assault. It hurts to see how little value some people place on other human lives for the simple fact that they don’t think or look like them. It hurts to see this abhorrent behavior normalized, when it should be renounced. This nation has come too far to be represented by someone who shows so little concern for the well being of, well, just about anyone that has historically been oppressed.

It also bothers me because Hillary Clinton (who, for the record, won the popular vote), despite her prolific resume of service in the United States government, despite her tireless efforts, despite her unparalleled competency, she still lost to a man who has absolutely no political background and has made heinous assertions of hatred. Do y’all get that? She did everything right while he did very little, and yet — She. Still. Lost. Is that not just the most ridiculously accurate depiction of the reality of women? She was the most qualified, poised, prepared candidate, and an angry, hateful, prejudiced, unqualified beat her on the premise of making a country “great” again when this country has never been great for its entire population. Is that not what it’s about? Liberty and justice FOR ALL? Where is the liberty and justice for the entire demographics that this man has threatened?

I have hope for this nation. I believe in equality, justice, freedom, and perseverance. I believe we will overcome every obstacle in time. Even this one. I have to believe that. To the people who voted for Hillary Clinton as well: my heart aches with you. I know this is a devastating blow. It’s okay to mourn. To the people who voted for Donald Trump: I sincerely hope your elect proves me wrong. To the little girls who watched this election: you can do anything. I promise. Do not let this keep you from chasing your dreams. It is us, the little girls grown into passionate fighters, who will change this world. And we will create the world we deserve. I know right now it looks bleak.We have to keep fighting anyway. I believe in us. And Hillary believes in us, too.fullsizerender-1


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