A Review.

For my review of another related blog, I decided to take a slightly alternative route — rather than review another pro-feminism blog, why not one with a completely opposite premise?

Women against feminism. Wowza. What a topic.

Disclaimer: I will admit that I was inspired by the parody twitter account of the same topic, which is pretty hilarious, really.

I must admit that reading through some of the points made on this blog thoroughly ruffled my feathers. How do you people still not get it? I just can’t understand how grown women can not grasp the simple idea that no, feminism is not about hating men, it’s not about trying to be the supreme gender, it’s not about wanting to have more than men have.

It’s about wanting to have the freedom to choose what to do with our bodies. It’s about wanting to take back terms — like “bad bitch” — meant to degrade and destroy us, and reform them into tools of empowerment. It’s about choosing how to live our lives, in a way that suits and liberates us.

And that’s when it hit me.

What kind of feminist would I be to preach about wanting women to have the choice to live as they please, but only if it aligns with my beliefs? Not everyone is going to agree with me. Not everyone is going to see a feminist mindset as the right one. Who am I to tell people that what they believe is wrong? Is it inherently hurting someone that these women don’t agree with me? Sure, it’d be ideal if everyone saw feminism for what it truly is, and far less frustrating, but at the end of the day it is all a matter of beliefs and values. It’s what makes life what it is: not everyone will agree, and it’s better off that way.

I know it’d be easy to critique how ridiculous the themes of this blog seem to me, how completely and wholeheartedly I disagree, but that simply isn’t right. I have to give the benefit of the doubt here, and reaffirm that just because it isn’t what I believe to be right and true, it doesn’t mean I can discredit what others believe. This has been a hard lesson for me to learn, and I still struggle with it constantly. But I know it’s a core principle of what I believe, and to slam the choices of how other women decide what is best for them simply betrays that principle. I guess what I’m saying here is that even if you disagree with feminism, we’re still fighting for you — and all of womanhood, among humanity, alike.



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