A Plea.

I’ll be not the first, not the last, but rather one of many (seriously. A staggering amount of people agree) to say this: this election, and our options, suck. And it really is pretty disheartening, because it’s my first year to vote. My strong-willed, fiercely opinionated heart has been looking forward to November 2016 pretty much ever since I found out that this election coincided with my eighteenth birthday. But these are our options, and now it feels wildly traitorous to my spirit, morals, and conscience to vote for either candidate. My vote will never belong to Trump. Never, never, never. However, I also find it hard to wave the white flag I vowed I would never boast, which is what I would essentially be doing in voting for Hillary Clinton, who I starkly swore not to support in March as I put a #FeelTheBern t-shirt in my online shopping cart.

It isn’t an easy time to be an American right now. Even further into the issue at hand is the fact that no matter who you’re rooting for (or quietly voting for, with a tinge of shame,) this nation is torn between two polar opposites. Seriously, just about the only things our candidates have in common is that they’re both white and they hate each other. No matter what happens here, half the nation will be severely disappointed. And when people are disappointed with their country, they aren’t quite apt to come together to make change for the greater good.

So what do we do? Do we hang our heads and suck it up, voting for a candidate we truly don’t like, but dislike less than the other one? Do we vote third-party?  Do we write in “Mom?” In all honesty, I don’t know. But I do know this: it has never been so important that we do vote. PLEASE.

Don’t vote for him because he’s a business man. Don’t vote for her because she’s a woman. Don’t not vote for her because she’s a woman. Vote consciously for who you believe is really, truly best.

But, remember this: the right to vote is one that has been fought for tirelessly by a plethora of minorities for AGES. (White) women, we haven’t even had suffrage for a whole century yet. Please, do not neglect the right women before us fought so hard for. Please do not squander what generations of women before us could only dream of. And please, vote for someone who values your gender as a whole. All of us, women. All. Of. Us.

Seriously though, y’all. Vote.


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